MRINetwork CARICAM (Costa Rica, Panama & Dominican Republic) and Management Recruiters of Puerto Rico is an international recruiting and headhunting company dedicated to organizations that strive to attract high performance people. We’re in the business of identifying, qualifying and delivering high impact players that drive corporate goals, consistently deliver on commitments and systematically increase corporate revenues. We have the ability to deliver that one special, strategic “Impact Player” or help to build out a new division or support a new product roll out. In the process, our company becomes an extension of yours with one common objective… find the best Talent!
Who we are!
We Recruit Impact Players
Impact players are the people who have real power to positively affect your business. Finding them is one of the most challenging and important tasks you undertake. It’s a challenge we take very seriously. We know who they are in your industry, we know where they are, and we know how to attract them to positions in your organization.

We also know that it demands more than matching the candidate’s experience and qualifications to the job description. The relationship we form with you and with our candidates is behind every successful match. Because of those relationships, we are tuned into the intangibles that rarely surface on resumes – shared values and attitudes, character and personality, cultural compatibility. It is a given that the impact players we bring to you meet your requirements; that they exceed your expectations is our commitment to you.