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Los Gerentes y Reclutadores están buscando más que un buen CV. Como convencer a una empresa que usted es el apropiado para un trabajo?
Sorpréndalos con su conocimiento. En los siguientes links usted podrá encontrar algunos documentos con consejos que lo llevaran a travez del proceso de reclutamiento y lo ayudaran a sacar lo mejor de usted para destacar. Le deseamos EXITO en su proceso!
Manual del entrevistado
Las compañías en la actualidad no contratan a sus candidatos tan solo por tener un curriculum impresionante. Es por esto que la entrevista tiene un papel protagónico en el proceso de reclutamiento. Los reclutadores. headhunters y personal de Recursos Humanos esta en busca de personas que se adapten a la cultura de la organización y que logren vivir los valores de la empresa. Estos detalles se logran observan en la entrevista. Este manual pretende dar consejos útiles para que realices una buena primera impresión.
Are You Ready for the Interview?
You want to work for the company, they've seen your credentials and they've asked you in for an interview. You want the job. Here are some suggestions that will help you make sure your interview goes as well as possible.
What to Expect from Behavioral Interviews
It is a style of interview that forces you to answer questions that demonstrate your competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) by giving specific examples from your past experiences. The focus of the interview is less about what you can or could do, and more about what you have done in specific situations in the past.
8 Ways to Research Your Prospective Employer
The amount of knowledge you have about a potential employer, and on the industry in which you hope to work can give you a competitive edge. This pertains both to making initial contact with employers and before going on interviews. In addition, having information on a company is also invaluable when it comes to evaluating a job offer. You should know the company's industry, what they do, who some major clients are, and the names of some of the company's higher-ups, i.e. CEO, President, etc. You should also know who is in charge of hiring for the position you are seeking.
Weighing the Job Offer
A number of factors come under consideration when you're making a decision about a job offer. Obviously there's "the package"-but putting the monetary value of the position aside for one moment, there are other aspects of the job to evaluate.
How To Find And Work With A Recruiter
What are the benefits of working with a Recruiter? A good recruiter can introduce you to good jobs before they're ever advertised. A good Recruiter will be blunt and honest with you. This saves time and defines realistic expectations. If your background and experience are not stellar, they should tell you! Hopefully, they will also give you good advice on another path to take if they cannot help you.
6 Steps to Successful Career Management
In some respects building a successful career is no different from any other project. Clear goal setting, thorough planning and effective execution are key ingredients in the recipe for success. Though expert advice can help you with the process, in the end it is up to you to formulate objectives, develop a plan, and follow through to realize your career goals. While you may enjoy your share of luck, success seldom falls in your lap. Furthermore, if you ignore the basic principles of career management, an unexpected setback could badly damage your long-term prospects
12 Steps to a Smooth Resignation
Taking on a new role encourages people to look ahead-planning the next months and years of their lives. So with a new job offer in hand, it's not surprising that some people put little time or effort into making sure they resign from their previous job on a good note. Here are our tips.