Mexico announces wind energy investment
Mexico announced that it will be increasing its investment in wind power, as part of its overall plan to transition to renewable energy.
The government intends to add 22 gigawatts of wind power to their total energy output over the next 25 years, Bloomberg reported. 

The project will require a $46 billion investment and is part of an initiative by President Enrique Peña Nieto to bump renewable energy up to 51 percent of Mexico's total energy stores by 2040, according to Bloomberg.Mexico has been a global leader in taking steps to overhaul its energy industry. In anticipation of this winter's UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conference in Paris, Mexico is the first developing country to deliver a report outlining its intended contributions to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

The report states that the country's plan "is ambitious provided that for the first time it translates previous aspirational commitments into mandatory goals," and reaffirms the country's aim to halve their total emissions by 2050.The planned energy overhaul is predicted to be an economic boon for the country, with Bloomberg News reporting that Mexico's economy will grow 2.4 percent this year.

Expansion of the wind power industry alone will create 45,000 jobs in maintenance, operations and parts supply, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.
"Investors are starting to line up their horses," said Lilian Alves of New Energy Finance, according to Bloomberg.- See more at: