Weighing the Job Offer
Weighing the Job Offer

 A number of factors come under consideration when you're making a decision about a job offer. Obviously there's "the package"-but putting the monetary value of the position aside for one moment, there are other aspects of the job to evaluate.

 The position

  Why it is available and how long has the position been open for?

  What happened to the previous employee?

  Have you seen a detailed job description? What are the specific responsibilities?

  Can you perform the responsibilities set out for the role?

  Do the daily activities actually appeal to you?

  Is there an opportunity for you to develop new skills?

  Are the goals set for the position fair, realistic and achievable?

  What is the growth potential in this role?

 Will it be a stepping stone to your next
desired role? How does this position fit with your long-term career goals?

 The company

  Where does the company sit in its own market?
Who are its competitors?
 What is its market share?

  How is business?
Is the company growing, maintaining its size or shrinking?
What is the potential of the company, and how will that affect your role?

  How experienced/respected are its management, and how long have they been there?

  Does the company have a high retention of people, or is there a problem?

  Is the company culture (and its values) compatible with your own?

 Other factors to consider

  How will this new role fit with your existing (or desired) lifestyle?

  How will you cope with the stress and pressures of the new role, and of changing jobs?

  How long do you think this job will keep you happy?

The boss 

  How long has this person been in this position, and what are his/her reporting lines (upwards)?

  What is his/her background, including previous work experience?

  What is his/her next likely career step?

  Do you get along with this person, and do you think you could work effectively with him/her?