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Test Engineer

We’re looking for test engineers who can work as a member of a distributed team to contribute to the design and implementation of system test strategies. Our team works with many technologies, so our test engineers must be versatile in testing throughout the stack and work to continuously improve their skills. We have an ever-growing roadmap comprised of interesting work throughout our platform’s stack and are searching for the right people to help us.

What You’ll Do

  • Work to test all levels of the stack from infrastructure through the front end on web and mobile.
  • Design and implement tests ranging from unit to integration to regression.
  • Identify areas in which to improve the performance, reliability, scalability, and security of existing systems.
  • Take ownership of building, shipping, and maintaining system test functionality.

What We’re Looking For

  • You are a test engineer who has knowledge of hyperscale cloud and associated test methodologies/strategies.
  • You have strong knowledge of modern software development practices and tooling, including revision control, project management/ticketing, communications, and CI/CD.
  • You have experience with some combination of:
    • JavaScript, including Node.js and React or other modern Javascript frameworks
    • Python, including Django
    • Mobile technology, including Android and/or iOS
    • Testing tooling, including Selenium, modern unit test frameworks, etc.
    • AWS products including S3, Lambda, EC2, and RDS (or analogs on GCP or Azure)
  • You are able to work as part of a distributed team to build out technical requirements and to then work to realistic deadlines in order to build out the tests of associated functionality with a high level of quality.


  • The Business Garage is using modern development techniques and technology to develop a scalable, reliable, and secure content collaboration platform. We have a lot of work to do and are working to expand our existing team with high quality developers.
  • We’re flexible. Whether it’s work hours or work location, so long as our team works well together we’re happy to meet people where they are.
  • We care about our staff. We work hard to create a positive environment for our staff and to ensure that we help them to maintain a work/life balance while ensuring that they’re well compensated and able to pursue work and technologies that interest them.